Cool find of the week: Visual Binary Cube Alphabet

Found via cool site Omniglot:

Graeme Kilshaw has used visual binary, which was created in 1950's by Bell Labs, to represent a cool symbolic alphabet in combination with an interface device design called the Visual Binary Cube Alphabet. This is an elegant design: it is compact, useful, binary-friendly (digital friendly), and even mimics the shape of the human mouth when speaking the vowels and letters in many cases. And, it looks like an alien-future-sci-fi alphabet - and makes a very cool code. Neato!

Check out two key diagrams:*

Just plain super cool. Rock on, Graeme!

Graeme's Flickr pool - he sends Visual Binary Alphabet cubes to people he thinks are cool. See pics of his letters, videos of the binary progressions, games in VBCA, logos and more. :)

Graeme's blog on Typophile announcing font design and device design contest plans.

For a nice list of resources, videos, news and more, check out Graeme's Twitter stream.

*Images from the Omniglot post, hosted locally to respect bandwidth.