Huffington Post's: Best of TED 2011 (top 16 selected talks)

The Huffington Post chooses their favorite TED talks of 2011. Some are ground-breaking, some are game-changing, some are hopeful, some are action. Reduce world suck and help create world cool.

If you are looking to take a brief break from work, check out one or more of these inspirational and informative talks. Good food for the brain & soul!


MIT launches MITx Online Automated Interactive Courses Spring 2012!

MIT launches online, automated courses with certificates this spring with 6.002x Circuits and Electronics! Employing an open-source extensible LMS platform, simulated labs, and interaction with students and professors, the MITx program has me excited!

Rock on, MIT! Education for everyone means a better world.


21st Century: Cross-Domain Sharing & Solutions

Technology and systems are developing so quickly in so many domains that we haven't even had time to cross-pollinate most of them. Especially when using digital data and systems, software and processes built for one domain can, in many cases, be powerfully applied in another.

There are many rich solutions waiting to be crossed. You don't have to be a breakthrough-business or person in your own domain to discover and bring breakthroughs into your domains. Watch this video for a living example of what I mean.

Video after the jump.

Language Learning + Business Win

Luis von Ahn presents a brilliant real-life example of how the internet can be used in new ways to solve multiple problems simultaneously using massively distributed online collaboration and provide value to all participants while doing so.

This is mind-blowing from a business perspective, and world-opening from a world education, learning and language perspective. Watch, enjoy, be amazed!

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Language learning tricks: Using Wikipedia

We have a fabulous amount of beginner's language material available freely on the net - and that is great. And, as a tool for advancing specific translation needs, Google Translate is a great tool.

However, once you get into the more technical areas of a topic or industry, it can be hard to find materials that are written by native speakers for a natural translation. That's where Wikipedia comes in.

Howard Rheingold's Mini-Courses

I like the format of Howard Rheingold's new mini-courses. Topics include:

  • Infotention - a mind-machine combination of brain-powered attention skills and computer-powered information filters
  • Network Literacy
  • Introduction to Cooperation Theory
  • ...and more.

Each is a single box on the web page with tabs: videos, more videos, resources, and fresh links.