Marcin Jakubowski's "Civilization Starter Kit" #Maker #MyNewHero

Holy cow wow! This is an awesome materialization of new wealth, health and happiness for the entire world, especially regions that are poor or struggling. And anyone can help! Watch the TED video below (4:11 long) to get the scoop.

A prime example of the power of the Internet: connecting people and ideas, storing information and coordinating action means orders of magnitude of improvement in learning and knowledge.

Marcin Jakubowski has built a website and wiki of Open Source designs and instructions for building the 50 most needed machines for civilizations - from tractors to brick-makers to bread ovens to circuit fabrication machines.

The website is:

And his other website is:

He also has a channel on YouTube and a Vimeo videos channel.

Yeeeeeeehhaaa! I could retire happy just being a helping hand on an Open Source farm, building things, fixing them and using them grow food and run living systems. Quite the contrast to the city-cubicle lifestyle I'm used to, but from here, that grass really *is* greener. :)

Super Kudos and Bravo, Marcin! Mucho Gracias, from *the whole world*!