Cool Shows on YouTube

In late 2011, YouTube created about 100 new channels of daily or almost daily content by setting up special funding programs for proven YouTube content producers. The projects include producers, editors, writers and of course the new "stars".

I'm thinking that one of the big aims behind this is to make video content that is more like what I thought TV always should have been: educational, entertaining, current, interesting and open. I'm guessing that is one of their primary motives due to the types of content creation that they are funding.

Now, in YouTube lingo, these are called Channels, not shows, and since each episode is usually only 4 minutes to 10 minutes long, they are a different kind of show-flow. It seems you quickly get accustomed or even addicted to the format: short, focused, and instantly available.

Check out these channels and see what you think!

The Sci Show - Hank Green of Vlog Brothers fame does a great job with this show, including news and background on all kinds of geeky science topics. Yay!

Crash Course - John Green, the other Vlog Brother, starts by teaching a crash course in world history, soon to be followed by one in biology (with Hank making that course, I think). Never boring and fast paced - this is just great fun learning.

Vi Hart's Channel - super cool math fun! Vi is a mathematician at Khan Academy, a perfect fit.

Vsauce - just plain fun with images from the Internet and around the world. Weird things, subtle things, connected (?) things, art things and funny things. Not science based, but very cool and fun. These guys also do a lot of inventive things with the YouTube interface... they were the inventors of the "Lean Back" playlist style (as far as I know). Way cool. Also, home of the DONG: (things to ) Do Online Now Guys.

Minute Physics - Various topics entertainingly animated. The original idea was to have the videos all be one minute long, but now they run more like in the 2-minute range. Fast talking but usually a nice amount of material on each topic. Feel free to skip any that you don't think you'll like - if you don't like the title, you probably won't like the video.

Smarter Every Day - Little bots of information on all kinds of topics. Some episodes are great, others less so, but definitely worth the time and a great stop for lunch-time videos.

Veritasium - Physics fun from tricks to planetary motions and more.

TED Education Channel - Selected TED talks for great educational and science content. "To capture and amplify the voices of the world's greatest teachers."

That should get you started. Check the related and favorite other channels on these channel pages to find more, and I'll post more here as I find great channels to watch.

Vivat scientiam!