Explorer tip of the day: [year] search Wikipedia

Bored on a summer day? Tired of self-directed, specific-goal web learning and surfing?

Want to just explore and surf around materials that is socially interesting, relevant to you, and that could lead anywhere?

Go to Wikipedia and use the search field in the upper right to search for a year in history.

How about a little nostalgia? Search the year you graduated from high school.

Wondering about a little pre-you history that set the stage? Search for 10 years before you were born.

Ever wonder what the world was like when your grandfather was your age? Add your age to the birth year of your grandfather and search for that year. Check out the social and news headlines that he saw as he went to work, raised his children, and got through the challenges.

I'm amazed at the connections I found on these pages. One year showed me headlines of riots in a town my family moved to (nearby) four years later - I never knew! And the people born that year - stars, leaders, writers... wow. Amazing.

So have a little fun sailing through history. Let Wikipedia power your sails and mouse-click your rudder to steer to something new, something fascinating.

For extra fun, go to Google, search on a year like 1971, and then click "images" at the left to get just image search results. You get a page like this!