Learn to code web sites: Thinkful.com

From the web site:

We teach
Learn to build and design websites with our online 12-week course in front-end web development. We offer personalized, project-based learning for true beginners and those with years of experience.

We mentor
Our one-on-one online mentorship fits your schedule and ensures you receive critical feedback, ongoing support, and weekly face-time with an expert. Meet our experts.

Meet the Employer Network
Our Employer Network includes fast growing companies in technology, finance, education, and advertising. They're looking to hire our qualified graduates. Thinkful students gain lifetime access. Check them out.

How much?
Thinkful's front-end course costs $750. It is designed to take three months so we charge $250 each month. We encourage students to move at their own pace; they can extend or finish early.