More Cool Stuff on the Net

I love Vsauce, the YouTube channel where Michael brings you all kinds of images, crazy stuff for sale, art, and - my favorite - DONGs: things to "Do Online Now Guys." From games to interactive science to single-purpose web sites, he usually brings more fun than you can do in a day in each episode. Cool!

Popular Science Magazine online has improved over time and now (in late 2011-early 2012) is strong in all the same things we loved growing up with the paper magazine in the 70's.

I get a good dose of daily web, technology and light society news from Mashable.

NASA has an array of sites and YouTube channels with piles of awesome:

  • NASA Television, a YouTube channel of missions, control-room action, tours, behind-the-scenes and more.
  • NASA Television LIVE, from missions to data streams from probes to check-ins with the ISS astronauts. Check the schedule to see the current and upcoming programming. Or, just check in on the ISS live webcam and see what they are doing up there right now!
  • NASA Explorer, a YouTube channel where you can find out the answer to the question, "Just how much does NASA know and study the Earth?" (Short answer: Lots more than you probably thought.)
  • GRIN, an online museum of GReat Images In NASA.
  • And of course, don't miss the NASA web site, loaded with goodies and learning activities for all ages.

We Solve for X is a video-based site with talks, solutions and projects that solve large-scale planetary issues, dubbed "moon-shot" problems. Leaders, inventors and inventors present in videos of 20 minutes or less. Inspiring and informative. does a nice page for this day in history. Always a fun check on the coffee break! If you like the mood, you can also take in the "Today In History" pages at Those Were the Days on, and for both music and birthday calendars. And, oddly enough, the longest list of births, deaths, one-liner history events, holidays, and religious days that I found is on's Today-In-History page. That company has a history buff in management, you can bet.

And these tidbits of history and perspective just might give you an idea for your next blog post... Handy and informative!

The Directory of Open Access Journals brings peer-reviewed science articles and white papers to the public for free. This is a world-wide resource, and you'll find many journals and articles are in languages other than English.

More to be posted here as a I find new favorites. Have fun in the world's largest library, the net!