Non-Profits that I Support and Recommend

We all live busy lives. We also see there are large problems in society facing us. We know that if we don't take the right action, there will be large costs to pay down the road. And yet, even if we did have room in our daily life to help solve these problems, which most of us don't, how do you even know where to begin?

Luckily, there are some brilliant people working hard on solutions, and they work through non-profit organizations to assure visibility in accounting and results. Amazingly, we already know the solutions to 90% of the problems that the general public believe are unsolved - things like the economy, oil dependency, global climate change and pollution.

The problem is that the solutions are not advertised, not popular and not demanded by the people for the government and legislative branches to enact. That isn't happening because not enough citizens know about and understand the solutions.

You can understand. You can help. You can bring the solutions to our nation faster and make things better and stronger. Explore and evaluate these non-profit organizations, and if you find them to be geniuses with solutions and doing good work, then support them!

These are the non-profit organizations that I support with annual donations. I believe they are worth your time to research and your support.

Co-Founder Amory Lovins is a genius and can really cut through the 20th-century assumptions we still have lingering about energy, manufacturing and the cost of oil. To really see what I mean, watch his TED talk from 2005, embedded below.