TED launches TED-Ed!

When it comes to computer code and databases, simple combinations can make huge impact.

The new TED-Ed is an example. Take any YouTube video, frame it with teaching text about "Thinking Deeper", add a simple short quiz and a set of resources and text to "Dig Deeper", and you have an instant learning lesson suitable for anything you might be teaching (or learning!) for students of any age.

They call it "Flipping" a lesson, based on Khan Academy's effect of flipping learning time in the classroom. Instead of the teacher lecturing during class and kids working problems as homework alone, "Flipping" has the kids watching the lectures on video at home (usually Khan Academy videos, so no impact on the school budget or teacher's time for video production) and working on problems and projects in the classroom with the teacher handy to help. It has had impressive results, and both the students and teachers like it.

So how do you turn the entire Internet into a giant learning classroom, with support and guidance from the best teachers on any subject? With tools like the new TED-Ed.

Check it out, and when you start thinking about the impact and the magnitude of empowerment this gives to the people of the world, well... don't let it blow your mind too much. Just appreciate the levers of the information age, find a video you know is terrific on a topic you know about, and FLIP IT!

See ya on the net, friends!

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