Na'vi Languge has Internet support

How fun! The language constructed especially for the movie "Avatar" has fun and cool support on the web.

If you've ever wanted to create your own language, you might want to see how Paul Frommer, a professor at USC with a doctorate in linguistics, built Na'vi. Check out these sites:

Learn Na'vi
An active forum plus a cool downloadable PDF of "The Na'vi Pocket Guide."


Quantum Shift in the Global Brain

Ervin Laszlo
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Nine outdated beliefs and six particularly dangerous myths are revealed by looking at the pattern of bifurcations in mathematics, nature and cycles of species and ideas.

There are four phases to a macroshift, and we find these apply to all kinds of change and development, whether it is working out, growing an organization, or the evolutionary pattern of any system under stress.

Learn about Club of Budapest, its initiatives, the objectives of the GlobalShift University, and Global Peace Meditation/Prayer Days.

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