Na'vi Languge has Internet support

How fun! The language constructed especially for the movie "Avatar" has fun and cool support on the web.

If you've ever wanted to create your own language, you might want to see how Paul Frommer, a professor at USC with a doctorate in linguistics, built Na'vi. Check out these sites:

Learn Na'vi
An active forum plus a cool downloadable PDF of "The Na'vi Pocket Guide."
A wiki, related to the site, with even more on the Na'vi language.
This Wikipedia page has a summary of the structure and grammar of Na'vi. Not much in the way of vocabulary, though.

Benjamin Zimmer has this post, Some highlights of Na'vi, on the Language Log at the University of Pennsylvania.

Na'vi has tongue clicks (the 'x' character) as well as some tricky consonant combinations to practice. I wonder when there will be Skype calls and Second Life spots to practice Na'vi in voice! (When I find them, I'll post about them here.)

You can hear movie characters and Dr. Frommer speaking Na'vi on the NPR December 15, 2009 episode of Morning Edition feature, "Do You Speak Na'vi? Giving Voice To 'Avatar' Aliens."

About Paul Frommer

Paul Frommer created the Na'vi language according to the requirements of director James Cameron: it should not be like any common Earth language, it should be easy for the actors to speak and learn, and it should be grounded in the background of a people who live in nature and network with nature in a deep way.

The UNIDENTIFIED SOUND OBJECT blog has this interview with Paul Frommer, with a picture of Dr. Frommer. It also includes the story of how Lightstorm Entertainment - James Cameron's production company - connected with Dr. Frommer for the project. Thanks for the interview, Matteo from Project U.S.O.!