New Popular Hobby Mechanics & Electronics

When I was growing up, I loved hobby technology. From model rockets to personal computers, from CB radio and electronics kits to chemistry sets and garage fabrication, I was always building, breaking or experimenting with something... and frequently combining whacky ideas from different domains.

In those days, Popular Mechanics and Popular Electronics magazines would feature new technologies - working or still in the labs - as well as projects to build. They were a good influence. I was sad to see that much that kind of thing seemed to fade in popularity in the 90's and 00's, for whatever reason.

Now, I see the popularity returning, and a good thing, too - America needs engineers and technology innovators now more than ever. Plus, it's just great fun!

This page is dedicated to 21st-century items I find around the net that remind me of that hobby-technology, learning and experimentation mode of learning. Of course, everything is a generation or two more advanced than when I was a kid, so I must admit, some of this stuff just baffles or amazes me. Which, as I recall from my youth, is much of the point. :)


Newest finds are at the top of the list:

The ArduCopter, a remote-controlled, programmable-flight flying device with a hi-resolution video camera, GPS and more on-board.

Make Magazine and their YouTube channel belong here, even though I have them listed in the sidebar.