The New Way To Learn by a 7th Grader

Thanks to Wendy Drexler for posting this video which features one of her 7th graders demonstrating her personal learning environment.

(Video and more after the jump)

This shows just how much the Internet has already transformed learning and the daily practices and skill sets of middle school students. It's amazing.

By the way - if you don't how to do everything shown in the video, you might want to consider Googling the topics and teaching yourself, since these are the primary skills for 21st century knowledge workers. Plus, you always to keep your computer skills up to at least a 7th-grade level!

UPDATE: The web tool she is using to track all her links and sites is, and you can get an account there for free and start doing what she does, plus organize your normal web activities.



I find this marvelous. The creativity is stunning. It's been a long time since I was in middle school, and generally adults had very little respect then for the curiosity of young people. They were fairly certain they knew what was impoortant for us to learn and how to teach it. I had not really discovered books yet but I read magazines, mostly about science and cars. School at that time was mostly an agony for me: the content, the pace, the narrowness. There were exceptions, those that allowed my mind to grow, imagine and soar, writing for instance; or art and science where labs were involved. I had a bifurcated report card as you might imagine. 'A's and 'C's or occasionally worse where the teacher had big blinders and huge certainty. My greatest source of learning came from watching with great fascination as skilled people brought their experience and knowledge to a task. No matter the subject.

I love the curiosity I see in the young woman who showed us these basics about her own 7th grade learning environment; and I applaud generously any teacher who has encouraged and supported this beautiful appetite.

Stephen Wolpin