Info-graphic: Revolutionizing Education

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The handwriting is on the wall.

People will be leaving behind educational institutions that don't keep up with technology and the new skills demand. The primary offers that an educational institution holds is to teach a well-rounded, expert-formed and proven-relevant curriculum - and all three aspects are disintegrating under their feet.

Any curriculum older than 5 years - which is nearly every high school and college curriculum - is rapidly slipping out of relevance. Not in a specific item-by-item way, but in a forest-for-the-trees way.

The expert-formed presumption is tenuous, as there are no experts on the 21st century business landscape yet. And that's fine, but don't think people are going to pay their time and money to learn from someone who knows not-much-more than they do. It's faster and cheaper to cut their own path and to join with industry to create the learning support that best comes to bear on immediate application and need.

Finally, well-roundedness: is a curriculum well-rounded if it leaves out the skills that are most relevant and most urgently needed in transforming businesses into agile, 21st-century organizations? And, what has to happen to bring a declaration of well-roundedness to an online, self-generated and self-fulfilled curriculum? I'm betting all it will take it someone (like Universities) figuring out they can charge someone for that declaration, and then they will be readily and widely available.

"The times, they are a changin'." I understand we're all in this together, but we also have too much to do to reach back and pull on the nay-sayers and uninterested folks. This is a time when every educator needs to be pulling their own weight moving forward, reinventing education and creating new value for themselves... or be left behind. Forget no child left behind; right now, if you are an educator, you are in jeopardy of being left behind!