Learn Now

Here are some great online places you can take courses right where you sit! Learn to expand your professional skill set, learn for fun, learn to keep your brain sharp, or go "meta-learn": explore and experiment to discover how you learn best.

Whatever the reason, these offer you unprecedented opportunity at the lowest cost ever in history (most are free). Carpe Diem!

Stanford Online

The top school of Stanford was one of the first big schools to offer free online courses, and they are rapidly getting better at their online teaching with better courses, better content, and better materials. Check out their current offerings and see if there is something there you would enjoy.

UGotClass Courses

These are not free courses; rather, they are live-instructor led courses aimed at professional development and continuing education. Curated by the good folks over at LERN, these courses are offered through quality universities all over the country. Certificates are always included. They are popular, receive high praise and ratings, and cover modern, high-demand topics that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

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