"Schwa Fire!" Kickstarter Successful

In case you don't know, Kickstarter is a website where you can fund new projects, products, and businesses. Usually, a Kickstarter project pre-sells units to raise the money needed to manufacture the units. All kinds of amazing people and amazing projects are on Kickstarter.

In the case of the new Schwa Fire!" magazine, a digital publication, supporters could buy subscriptions (among other rewards). The interesting thing about Kickstarter is that no money changes hands unless the entire project is funded to the required amount. So it is always a bit of sitting on pins-and-needles to see if the project funds or not.

The "Schwa Fire!" campaign funded! It is a digital journal dedicated to stories of language. Michael Erard is the founder and director, and he's been writing books and high-end media articles for many years. I trust he will assemble and publish a wonderful stream of issues on language and life. He's got a bit of the anthropologist in him, and is a practiced storyteller. His opening line for the Kickstarter was, "imagine This American Life, only for language."

I'm one of the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign, and I'm excited for the first issues. It's always a feel-good experience when a community comes together to support and contribute to creating something new, something on the scale that cannot be accomplished by a lone person.

Hip, hip. Schwa-Fire!