Quantum Shift in the Global Brain

Ervin Laszlo
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Nine outdated beliefs and six particularly dangerous myths are revealed by looking at the pattern of bifurcations in mathematics, nature and cycles of species and ideas.

There are four phases to a macroshift, and we find these apply to all kinds of change and development, whether it is working out, growing an organization, or the evolutionary pattern of any system under stress.

Learn about Club of Budapest, its initiatives, the objectives of the GlobalShift University, and Global Peace Meditation/Prayer Days.

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While this book states some conclusions that are obvious and agreed upon by many people, the actual bibliographic references for the statistical facts stated in this book are weak or non-existent. It is much more about the specific pattern of macroshifts and bifurcations, and how those apply to the development of a society and economy. Whether you agree with the statistics presented (that crime is up, liberties are down, incomes are up over the last 100 years but the US happiness quotient is down, etc.) or not, the pattern of macroshifts and bifurcation are supported by strong physical, experimental, documented, observational and historical evidence.

It isn't much of a leap to determine which phase of the macroshift we are presently experiencing as a society and what is likely next, based on the only two possible outcomes of a bifurcation process.

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This book expresses the ever-more popular concept that systems and society evolve through stress, disorganization to the point of failure, then the spontaneous reorganization of things at a higher level. Books like The Fourth Turning also relate this cycle precisely to historical events and past generations of US society, with the timing being shockingly accurate and regular.

It seems that many writers, researchers, sociologists and scientists are all expressing the same concept, each with eyes and perspectives that apply to the evidence, changes and predictions of their specific domain (finance, community, government, law, industry, etc.)

Well worth the read, this book encapsulates and supports the core concepts and correlations without thick equations or tiresome analysis. It is a quick read and has a spiritual and human-caring, intelligence-wins-out kind of background attitude. It is hopeful but urgent of supportive care for a successful transition to the next plateau of US and world society.