Storytelling Workshop: Extra Resources & Notes

Thank you for attending the Storytelling Workshop!

I hope you had fun, learned a lot, and are hungry for more ideas, resources, and activities to practice your storytelling.

Here are some resources to read, share, and bookmark. Please feel free to email me with questions, comments, or any new resources about storytelling that you have found to be helpful.

Local Story Sources

Ships, history, Portland, and more.

Portland's Lost Waterfront: Tall Ships, Steam Mills and Sailors' Boardinghouses by local author Barney Blalock [see his blog].

Jefferson Davis's Ghosts and Critters series of books. These are ghost stories of Portland and the NorthWest. While there is some history in these books regarding ownerships of haunted locations and such, they are ghost stories (more for entertainment than historical fact).

Storytelling Resources

National Storytelling Network
Check out the NSN Blog, too.

Storytelling...Tales to Tell
An Internet Hotlist on Storytelling created by Vicky Reed, University of San Diego

Portland Storyteller's Guild
Web site address, Latest newsletter

Book: How to Be Your Own Script Doctor, by Jennifer Kenning. High marks for this book on every level; can be applied to all kinds of story development and writing.

Listen to Great Storytellers Tell Stories

This American Life
A weekly public radio show produced by Chicago Public Media presents contemporary stories of everyday people. Ira Glass is a master storyteller and audio editor. Play shows right on their web site, or get them via podcast format.

The Moth
Non-profit dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling
Also Also, visit their YouTube channel!

Samples from TheMoth YouTube channel
Entertaining, moving, personal, authentic. For extra credit, watch these while observing for arc, structure, voice inflections and emotional conveyance, tense (past, present), balance of action and description, connection points, M.I.T., linguistic techniques, and emotional progression. What do you notice?

The Moth Presents A.J. Jacobs: My Outsourced Life

Kathleen Miller - Moth Storytelling GrandSlam Champion

Margot Leitman's Winning Grandslam Story

The Moth Presents Neil Gaiman: Liverpool Street
A nice example of stories-within-a-story (small arcs inside a large arc)

A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.
Show archives plus new videos.


Listen to Steven Spielberg give an unprepared speech. 12 min.

Then answer these questions:

a) At what point does this video get interesting?

b) What phrase does Steven Spielberg use to hook the listener and begin the story?

c) What would you say is the level of detail of his story? Would your preference be more details, or less?

d) What phrase do you remember as the main point of each story? What is the main point of his speech? If someone were to ask you, "What did he talk about?", what would you say?

e) How many stories did he tell?

f) How does he think of his audience -- what does he call his audience in this video?


Watch Patricia Fripp on Storytelling.

Then answer these questions:

a) What wrong with Patricia Fripp's "Sample Story"?

b) What feeling/emotion do you have after watching this 4:15 video?

c) What adjectives would you use to describe Ms. Fripp's "behind the scenes" mood and perspective on giving this workshop?