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THE INTERNET is simply the most powerful learning tool ever known in the history of humankind.

The trick is learning how to use it. It's pretty new, so everyone is still learning how to use it. It just takes some hours of experimentation and exploration to get your bearings and get your "net learning skills."

The great thing about learning using the Internet is that it supports any learning style. You like reading? You got it. Learn better by watching video? Do it. You like audio best, you say, with your iPod while traveling or being outside? No problem.

The critical thing is to learn how to learn using the Internet, and that will be different for different people. Take the time to explore the tools, experiment and discover what works for you. Then, apply those learning techniques to everything you do. Aim to learn something everyday. It's the 21st-century way.

Here are some great learning tools and resources to include on your journey.

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All I can say is that if I had had these tools and resources when I was 11 years old, not only would my teacher have been out of a job*, I would have been completing college by age 15. The impact of the incredible learning power and speed of the Internet on earth and society hasn't even been imagined yet. It is a completely new paradigm for learning - and we have barely scratched the surface of what we can do with it.

The 21st century is going to look very, very different than the 20th century. Get learning!


...more to come!

"Science vessel. I've got 500 years of learning to catch up on." -- Dr. Gillian Taylor from the movie, "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"


*My teacher as she was teaching then, that is. Teachers have a huge role in 21st-century education, much bigger and better than they ever have had before. Less babysitting, less teaching-to-the-middle (and leaving out the edges), and less lecturing (human tape-recorder function is not using teachers to their highest level). For more about how 21st-century teachers get to do more of what they love while moving kids ahead faster and better than ever before, read up on the Flipped Classroom concepts.