Language Learning + Business Win

Luis von Ahn presents a brilliant real-life example of how the internet can be used in new ways to solve multiple problems simultaneously using massively distributed online collaboration and provide value to all participants while doing so.

This is mind-blowing from a business perspective, and world-opening from a world education, learning and language perspective. Watch, enjoy, be amazed!

(Video after the jump)

Marcin Jakubowski's "Civilization Starter Kit" #Maker #MyNewHero

Holy cow wow! This is an awesome materialization of new wealth, health and happiness for the entire world, especially regions that are poor or struggling. And anyone can help! Watch the TED video below (4:11 long) to get the scoop.

Blog channeling chart for busy bloggers

The downside to the many easy, instant and cool blogging platforms on the Internet is that it is really easy for Internet-active folks to suddenly discover they have started a few too many blogs, joined a few too many social networks, and have created too many points of presence to keep up well.

I have a one-page chart that anyone can make that has helped me manage two things: keeping focus and awareness on my important blogs, and easily channeling blog post ideas to the right blog.