TED Talk: Rajesh Rao: A Rosetta Stone for the Indus Script

In this TED Talk, Rajesh walks through the steps of analyzing the last undeciphered ancient language: Indus. Along the way, you learn several methods for identifying characteristics of languages, plus some innovative computer analysis techniques.

And the bonus is learning about Indus Script and a brief overview of the history of it. If you need to cram study to be a good conversationalist at a party with linguists, this would be a well-spent 17 minutes!


[web site] Succeed at Spanish

This web site has a lit of nice features and lets you do a lot for free! A word-of-the-day in the side panel, lists of words like Colors, free audio to listen and repeat, and much more.

Go have some fun at this site and see if it fits the way you like to learn language, or if your bored with your current Spanish lessons or course, take a break and get a fresh take.

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